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Thank You To Our Care Home Staff


Dedicated to all the compassionate, hardworking, and dedicated Care Home Staff

Working with you throughout this Covid-19 season, we at Rick’s Heart Foundation have seen the incredible sacrifice your facility’s staff have made and the impact you are having on your residents. Through extremely unpredictable circumstances that are affecting your workplace the most, your teams have had to use the full extent of your skills and energy.

This does not go by unseen.

We are encouraged by your resilience and perseverance, as this must be a difficult time for you all. We are honoured to work with you as much as we can at this time.

*Pre-covid photos. We respect the fact that all staff are working long hours with masks 24/7 to protect our senior’s now.

Thank You to the Staff at our Heart For Music Care Homes:

Lower Mainland

Vancouver Island

Thompson Okanogan

We are grateful that you have trusted us to support you in the incredible care that you are already providing. It is so encouraging to receive small stories and updates on how residents relax and enjoy the music.

 We cannot be close, but our thoughts and hearts are with you.

Warm regards,Heart for Music Team at Rick’s Heart Foundation

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