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SPARC BC’s Extreme Heat Fan Initiative Partnership With RHF

September 26, 2023

This Summer SPARC BC, in partnership with Rick’s Heart Foundation, offered BC seniors free fans to combat the high temperatures. Rick’s Heart Foundation’s Heart for Music Program, with a database of 100 BC Care Homes and connections with Diamond Delivery, organized a quick and effective delivery of SPARC BC’s fans to seniors throughout BC. 

1500 fans were sent out to over 1500 seniors at 25 BC Care Homes, bringing much-needed resources as summers bring record-breaking heat to BC. Fans were sent to care homes in the Fraser Valley, Greater Vancouver, Salmon Arm, Smithers, Nelson, and Kelowna. 

Heart for Music organized 3 send-outs amid August’s extreme heat, and into September as requests continued to come in from care homes. Diamond Delivery provided their incredible services, assisting BC seniors once again by delivering life-changing supplies.

The fans are the Honeywell HT900C TurboForce® Fan / Air Circulator, a 7-inch circular fan. Although not a replacement for air conditioning, in many care homes where they do not have AC in every room, these fans make a huge difference with temperature regulation. The response from senior’s homes was overwhelming, and BC’s older adults deserve our attention and our support.

A big thank you to: Julia and Philip at SPARC BC for providing the fans; Lyle at Diamond Delivery for carrying out the deliveries; all the staff at the care homes who distributed the fans to their seniors. 


“We are so thankful to SPARK BC and Rick’s Heart Foundation for their generous and timely donation of portable fans to both Burnaby and Vancouver Lodges. These fans helped keep things cool when temperatures rose during August!”   ~ Fair Haven Homes Society


“I wanted to take a moment and express how grateful we are for your donation of the fans for our residents.  Many times due to age and/or medication, their body’s ability to regulate their internal temperature is extremely difficult. Thank you again for your very generous gift!”   ~The Salvation Army, Southview Heights 


Senior Residents: “The fan was excellent in cooling my bedroom down during the night, its small but has good fan” Joyce

“My room gets a lot of sunshine during the morning; the donated fan is so great. Thank them a lot for me!” Martha

~ Swedish Assisted Living Residence

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